Our director as a qualified insurance broker associated to the main insurance companies in Panama provides first class advice on insurance issues in all coverages looking for the best plans for our clients.


Life insurance

The best life insurance plans. We analyze the situation of each person and/or family to offer them the best options adapted to their needs and possibilities.

Insurance plans that protect your family and your business, and also allow you to: generate guaranteed interest values, make extraordinary deposits and pay premiums according to your capacity.
Term insurance plans designed to obtain protection at a lower cost for a determined term.


Medical Insurance

Because health is the most important thing we can have.
We offer you health insurance plans for your needs with the best companies.
From individual local and international plans to collective plans.
Term insurance plans designed to provide protection at a lower cost for a specific term.



Fire Insurance

This insurance protects the insured from economic losses resulting from the destruction or material damage of his business or residence in case of an unexpected event caused by fire or lightning.

Auto Insurance

We offer full coverage auto insurance and third party damage insurance. We compare the best coverages in the market so that you have the best options when choosing.